Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ceramic Blog Hop

Here I am again. This time I am participating in a Ceramic Blog Hop sponsored by Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures. I purchased this kit knowing it would contain some ceramic beads as well as other materials to work with.  My focal bead is this cute little owl. He has a couple of friends to hang out with, as well as ceramic beads, metal beads. I also received a nice strand  of small white glass pearls.

So I started playing around, moving
the beads around a bit....

Here are my completed necklace and earrings.

And a simple strung bracelet. I had been wanting a pearl bracelet, so I made one using memory wire, with a dangle at the end

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  1. Beautiful design! Looks like it has a lot of movement.

  2. Lovely pieces! I should have made more. Lisa is always generous with beads! Nice that you also made yourself a pretty pearl bracelet.

  3. Beautiful designs, Saundra! That little owl was one of my favorite ceramic pieces in the hop, and your made him right at home in a pretty organic necklace. Your pearl bracelet is very pretty as well. Thanks for being in the hop!

  4. Beautiful always, your designs are Great...I like them all but I especially love the earrings.

  5. Lovely stuff. Think I like the strung bracelet best!

  6. The owls are cute and you made pretty pieces, Beaded bracelet my fav.