Saturday, February 13, 2010

Posting Comments

Several people have notified me they have difficulty posting comments. If you would like to post a comment about one of my posts, please try the following:

Click on the word comment with a number in front and a little pencil after. If there are no prior comments, the number will be zero.
Type your comment in the comment box
Under the comment box, there is a drop down menu. If you have a google account you can use that option if you like. You can choose to display your own name/url. You can "comment as annonymous".
Click "post comment".
A funny looking word or text will appear. Type what appears in the box below that.
Click "post comment".
You should get something like "comment will be displayed after moderated or approved"

I will receive an email notifying me of your comment so I can approve, after I approve, the comment will be displayed. Thanks for visiting!! Saundra

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